Information Security Interest Group

We are a professional interest group for people working in Information Security. We currently run a private discussion mailing list and host informal meetings.


For information about meetings and location please join the mailing list

There are currently two mailing lists; a Discussion list and an Announce list.
Note that all mails sent to the announce list are also sent to the discussion list so you only need be subscribed to one list.
Currently we accept local members only, you may be asked to verify your location so we can point you towards the right ISIG chapter.
There are no archives.

Mailing lists:

Announcement of meetings - very low volume, one mail a month (Only administrators can post)
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General Discussion - relatively low volume - All subscribers can post.
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There is also an IRCs server which is frequented by a number of the mailing list users available at Channel #isig

"We promote awareness and understanding of Information Security issues in an independent and unbiased manner".

Code Of Conduct